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BEMC Video Conference Network Operations Center (VNOC) operates and maintains a state-wide video conference network providing reliable multi-point video conference services to more than 1200 customers throughout the state of Ohio. Our services include: 
  • conference bridging 
  • gateway and gatekeeper services 
  • web-based conference reservation management 
  • real-time monitoring 
  • conference recording 
  • live streaming 
  • satellite downlink 
  • help desk support
 The center has been in place since 2006. Since that time, our services have been used extensively for distance education, electronic field trips, meetings and conferences, interviews, depositions and statewide training. The service is available to Ohio's K-12 school districts, colleges and universities, educational service providers, public television stations and the state agencies, departments, boards and commissions.

Bridging, Gateway & Gatekeeper Services

The BEMC (VNOC) provides video bridge, gateway and gatekeeper services to customers who own their own video endpoint equipment and have a need to connect more than two endpoints into a conference.  Each endpoint location is equipped with a camera, microphone, monitor and video signal management device, which is also referred to as a CODEC.  Video calls are connected over either traditional telecommunication or broadband networks.  Video calls can be made between two locations in a "Point-to-Point Call," or among multiple locations in a "Multipoint Call."

Recording, Streaming On Demand

BEMC recording service enables members to record a conference using standard video conferencing equipment. A conference is recorded live and streamed to a web browser or mobile device, and can also be viewed on-demand in a variety of media players that support QuickTime, Windows Media Video, Silverlight, and other streaming video formats.

Live Streaming

BEMC streaming service enables members to stream a live conference to a web interface using QuickTime, RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. This service is a particularly useful way to see and hear the participants in near real-time for individuals who may not be able to attend a conference in-person.